Bright Living Room
  • My rate is $95/h. I have a limited amount of low-income sessions available upon request - I'm offering more of these in 2021 to align with the spirit of the times.

  • I offer an initial complimentary 15 minute phone consultation. I also offer an in-person consultation for $150 for up to 90 minutes, including an email follow-up detailing the intentions, visions and concrete steps we discussed. For some of my clients this is enough of an action plan to get started in the process on their own.

  • Interior styling consultations and process sessions are available $95/h outside the context of de-cluttering, although I find that re-organization is often the first step in bringing a sense of clarity, harmony and renewal to any space.  

  • Appointments cancelled with less than 48h notice are subject to cancellation fee equal to 100% of the session value.