Fresh Living Room
  • During the initial consultation we will discuss your relationship to your home and your material possessions - what they mean and symbolize, how they support you, what you may be ready to let go of. We will clarify intentions and map out desired changes - refreshing, updating and reorganizing your home to best align with your needs. 

  • 3-6h sessions one to three times a week is often a good pace of progress for ongoing momentum - a room typically takes 1-2 sessions to complete. 

  • I seek to be resourceful, creative and cost-effective by using the furniture, storage solutions, and other materials already available in your space for re-organizing and re-designing your home. I only use biodegradable cleaning agents and look to recycle and rehome your belongings wherever possible.


  • De-cluttering can be as slow or as fast as you'd like to be. In my experience it's important to stay swift, dynamic and efficient about moving forward while also reserving enough time and space for being intentional about the choices we make and mindful of the the emotional responses that may follow.

  • It's important to de-cluttering together but I'm happy to re-design and re-organize on my own, if desired, with your directions and preferences on mind.

  • Renewing and clearing up your living space is especially effective during transitions such as moving and other life changes like pregnancy, retirement, divorce, etc. We will look for ways to create ritual around releasing the old while making space for new choices and new possibilities. 

  • I worked as an integrative therapist in residential hospice care and feel comfortable in clinical settings like nursing homes, hospitals and hospices. Attending to material belongings is a meaningful part of any life transition and I'd be honored to help you, your family member or friend with this process.