Home is the sanctuary of the soul. Like our bodies, our homes reflect how and where we are - what we need, lack, and desire. A minimalist by nature, I've always been passionate about uncluttered space, effortless design and easy flow of air, light, and energy. I love helping people create safe and nurturing living areas for restoration, clarity and renewal.

I grew up in Northern Finland and have a life-long practice of simplicity, ecology, design, somatics, travel and asking a lot of questions. I hold a bachelors degree in conceptual art and a masters degree in somatic psychology. I'm also a California licensed massage therapist and certified in dance-based expressive arts therapy. My practices integrate the principles I most cherish and care about:


Aesthetics of nature. Clarity of lines, space and energy. Environmental awareness. Exhilaration of expression. Life-forwarding motion. 

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