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S E V A  F L O R A L

Seva Floral offers spirited, thoughtful and highly considered floral arrangements, installations, set design and styling with local and seasonal blooms, branches, vines and foliage. We celebrate nature in and through our work and seek to honor the environment with a sustainable approach.
We let the materials' organic shape and movement guide the design process and revel in the negative space between each stem. We believe that our inherent sense of wholeness and sanity is rooted in the experience of connection to the wilderness within and without.
Anna Seva grew up in Northern Finland and cherishes clean lines, clarity of thought and life-forwarding motion. She has a life-long practice of minimalism, ecology, travel and somatics. 
See here for Seva Floral's pledge of sustainability

To learn more about Anna's practice of home organizing and interior styling, see Seva Design.

415 933 1751

berkeley, ca


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