S E V A  S O M A T I C S


"The body is the vessel in which transformation takes place."
(James Hillman) 


Becoming fully embodied begins with somatic awareness. The body speaks through sensation, alignment and gesture and offers a wealth of information about who, where and how we are today. Somatic inquiry cultivates your ability to listen to the life and landscape of the body and access the memories, emotions, fears, and dreams stored within the tissues. Mindful presence, breathing and movement within a spacious, unhurried and non-judgmental container encourage tracking the experience of the body, attend to areas of holding and misalignment, and support a sense of ease and comfort within. 



Creativity is a powerful force that the tools of art therapy utilize in a gentle but dynamic manner. Art therapy helps connect with and relate to emerging materials skillfully through creative play and exploration. Drawing, writing, sounding and moving are utilized as resources for expressing and deepening your experience in the realm of the body.

60 minute sessions combining somatic inquiry and art therapy, in person or online via Zoom. Sliding scale $85-$140/session. If your body could speak, what would it say? Schedule your first session here


Deep tissue massage utilizing trigger point, acupressure and cranialsacral techniques. I see the body as a gateway to clarity and wisdom, and seek to affirm its innate healing capacity and ability to re-organize and re-align towards greater health and well-being. Limited availability for monthly or one-time sessions. $125/60 minutes and $185/90 minutes. 




berkeley, ca + anywhere. 415 933 1751. sevasomatics@gmail.com